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Informational Resources on Ice Fishing in Maine

Jackman, Maine and Moose River Region.  Ice fishing information.

Ice Fishing in Moosehead Lake Region. Firms Offering Ice Fishing Tours in Maine

Maine Ice Fishing Guides.  Maine Guides Online.  A directory of Maine Guides for Ice Fishing.

Maine Wilderness Tours.  Ice fishing.

Moosehead Hills Cabins.  Ice fishing.

Tracewski Fishing Adventures.  Guided ice fishing trips.

Directories & Websites with Links on Maine Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing in Maine.  New England Sportsman Network.

Forums and Blogs about Ice Fishing in Maine

Ice Fishing Forum.  Ice Fishing Chat.  Nationwide but with some chat rooms specific to Maine.

Maine Ice Fishing Events and Derbys

DerbyFest.  Sebago Lake.

Websites Offering Information About Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing.  New England Sportsman Network.

Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice Fishing Equipment.  Jack Traps, Monmouth, Maine.  (Read the news article about "Jack Traps below dated October 13, 2007.)

  Jack Traps

Blog Posts about Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Shacks on Eagle Lake. Quercus Design.

News Articles About Maine Ice Fishing

January 8, 2014. "Reality TV to film not-so-wild world of Maine ice fishing", Portland Press Herald. Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby to be filmed in February 2014.

February 9, 2013. "Dick Pinney's Guidelines: Ice fishing in Maine and good food".

April 1, 2008.  "Ice-fishing season is over".  A carpenter's wife blog.

February 15, 2004.  "The winter people".  Ice fishing under fire in Maine.  The Boston Globe.



Painting of Maine Winter Stream



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