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 Maine Fall Foliage


Fall is the perfect time of year for a trip to Maine to view the lovely vistas and take in some "leaf peeping".  This "Maine Fall Foliage" page will help you plan your trip with information on peak fall foliage times, maps, and suggested scenic driving, hiking, and biking routes.  In addition, this page has a wealth of information on leaf peeping in Maine to include personal travelogues, the Maine State official foliage webpage, foliage reports and updates, and a listing of news articles found online about Maine fall foliage. 

Official Maine Websites on Fall Foliage

MaineFoliage.com.  The state of Maine's Official Fall Foliage Website.

Where and When to Visit For Fall Leaf Peeping.  Maine.gov.

Sign Up for Weekly Maine Fall Foliage Reports.  Maine.gov.

Fall Foliage.  Maine Tourism Association. 

Maps of Peak Fall Foliage

Foliage Maps.  A Travel-Maine.Info Resource.

Fall Foliage Maps of Northeast.  By Weather.com.

When to Find Peak Color in New England.  An by Yankee Foliage

Maine Fall Foliage Reports and Updates

Eastern Region - Current Conditions.  U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Foliage Reports for Maine.  LeafPeepers.com. 

Maine Fall Foliage Driving Tours

Maine Fall Foliage Drives by Region.  Maine Living.

Fall Foliage New England Bus Tour.  By CaravanTours.com.

Scenic Drives.  Yankee Foliage.

Maine Fall Foliage Bike Trips and Tours

Maine Fall Foliage Bike Tours.  Maine Coast Cycling Adventures. 

Maine Fall Foliage Hiking Trips and Trails

Fall Foliage Hikes and Walks in Maine.  New England Vacations Guide. 

Websites About Fall Foliage in Maine

Fall Colors, Fall Foliage.  The Boston Channel.

Yankee Foliage.  Source for New England Fall Foliage Information.

Forums and Blogs about Fall Foliage

Forum Discussions.  Yankee Foliage.

New England Foliage Weblog.  Yankee Foliage.

Fall Foliage Blog Posts.  by Travel-Maine.Info

Exploring New England's Fall Foliage.

Online Galleries of Maine Fall Foliage

leaf behinds.  Maine Fall Foliage Gallery.

Fall colors in Maine.  Giordano Biondani Photography.

Personal Accounts of Foliage Trips in Maine

Fall Foliage Trip Report (1998).  By L. McKamey.

Maine Foliage (2004) - Sensory Overload.  Phototrek.org.

Information About Fall Leaves

Fall Foliage Video.  At kid's page on fall leaves and how we get such nice colors.  By Maine.gov.

Maine Fall Foliage.  Suite101.com.

Why Leaves Change Color.  U.S. Department of Agriculture.

What is Photosynthesis?  Center for Bioenergy & Photosynthesis, Arizona State University. 

The Miracle of Fall - Foliage Trees.  University of Illinois Extension.  A comprehensive guide to the names of trees producing colored leaves, the Latin name of the tree, and the fall foliage color for each tree.

Photosynthesis.  Estrella Mountain Community College.

Why Leaves Change Color.  SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry

Web Cams of Maine Foliage

Acadia National Park.  Hazecams.com

Moosehorn NWR.  Hazecams.com

Webcams of Maine Coast.  By Maine Harbors.

Mount Katahdin.  A live view of scenic Mt. Katahdin.

Pleasant Lake.  Island Falls Lakes Association.

Mars Hill Wind Farm. A live view of the Wind Farm on Mars Hill Mountain.

Glen Cove.  Midcoastcompass.com

Web Cams.  by AllTrips Acadia.

Goat Island Web Cam.  Kennebunkport Conservation Trust.

Falmouth.  Portland Yacht Club.

Multiple Web Cam Views.  maine-webcams.com.

Cape Porpoise Harbor.  The Wright Gallery in Kennebunkport.

Bar Harbor Times Web Cams.





Fall Foliage Blog Posts.
by Travel-Maine.Info

Maine Eastern Railroad Fall Foliage Trips and Excursions




Online News Articles on Maine Fall Foliage

October 1, 2011.  "Fall goes high-tech".  Journal Tribune.

September 30, 2011.  "Camden Named 3rd Best Foliage Town". Republican Journal.

September 23, 2011.  "Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands: 10 Fall Foliage Events Scheduled".  Maine.gov.

August 30, 2010.  "Hot, arid summer leads to early preview of fall foliage".  The Boston Globe.

September 27, 2009.  "Bound for glory".  Boston.com.

September 25, 2009.  "Fall foliage - Maine's fall colors look spectacular".  The Christian Science Monitor.

October 10, 2008.  "Businesses Welcome Columbus Day Tourists".  WMTW.com.

October 6, 2008.  "Curiosity peaked? Check out foliage".  Village Soup.

September 28, 2008.  "Covered bridges make great stops".  Portland Press Herald.

September 28, 2008.  "These roads offer great chances for photographs".  Portland Press Herald.

September 28, 2008.  "Coloring the joys of hiking".  Portland Press Herald.

October 25, 2007.  "Southern Maine foliage color now at peak".  MaineToday.com.

October 22, 2007.  "Head North For Fall Color And Cool Weather".  Orlando Sentinel.

October 22, 2007.  "Foggy Fall Foliage".  digital-tree.com.

October 21, 2007.  "Weekend Window: Kennebunkport, Maine: Go for the lobster or Go for the Foliage".  ABC News.

October 20, 2007.  "Peak Season - Leaves at colorful peak".  Kennebec Journal.

October 20, 2007.  "New England's fading foliage blamed on warming".  USA Today.

October 19, 2007.  "Fall colors, landscapes abound on rail".  The Village Soup.

October 18, 2007.  "Fall leaves clinging colorfully".  Waldo Village Soup.

October 17, 2007.  "Maine's fall foliage holding on, looking colorful".  MaineToday.com.

October 14, 2007.  "Great time of year!" Maine Outdoors Blog.

October 14, 2007.  "Visiting the state in the summer or early fall is one of life's great pleasures".  Most Popular Tourist Places.

October 11, 2007.  "New drama in fall tourism".  The Boston Globe.

October 10, 2007.  "Foliage nearing peak in central, coastal locations".  MaineToday.com.

October 9, 2007.  "Fall Foliage Scenic Drive - Lakes and Leaves Maine".  Canoe Outriggers.

October 9, 2007.  "Leaf peepers storm N.H., Maine".  SeaCoastOnline.

October 7, 2007.  "Following the foliage.  As the leaves turn, still plenty to do".  Concord Monitor Online.

October 4, 2007.  "First the beauty, then the work".  By Ken Bailey, Outdoors Editor, Waldo Village Soup.

October 3, 2007.  "Maine foliage looking good in western lakes and mountains region".  Exploring Maine, MaineToday.com.

October 2, 2007.  "Fall Foliage Behind the Scenes".  Midcoast Village Soup.

September 26, 2007.  "Color creeps south across state".  Exploring Maine, MaineToday.com.

September 23, 2007.  "Leaf peeping in PJs".  Foliage reports for area available online.  Concord Monitor Online.

September 20, 2007.  "Maine's Northern lakes and rivers surrounded by early fall color".  Exploring Maine, MaineToday.com.

September 19, 2007.  "The Quest For Fall Foliage Goes High-Tech".  CBS News.

September 15, 2007.  "Make the best of Maine's Fall Foliage with www.mainefoliage. com"  Maine.gov, Department of Conservation Press Release.

September 13, 2007.  "Maine's fall foliage season off to a healthy start".  MaineToday.com.

September 10, 2007.  "Five drives (and fun diversions) for fall foliage".  MSNBC.

July 19, 2007.  "Plan Your Peeping Now for Fall Foliage Fun".  Frommer's.


Paintings depicted on this web site are by artist Ruth Carlson-Friberg of Oxford, Maine.