Giant's Stairs Trail on
Bailey Island, Maine

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A very short but lovely walk is located on the eastern coast of Bailey Island, Maine. It is well-groomed.  The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust helps in the maintenance of the trail.

How to Get to Bailey Island

From I-285 take the Topsham exit.  Continue on to Route 1.  Take the first exit at Cooks Corner.  Take Route 24 South.  It is about 13 miles to Bailey Island.  You will pass over Great Island and Orr's Island.

How to Get to The Giant's Stairs Trail

Continue on Route 24, once on Bailey Island look for Washington Avenue.  Continue east on Washington Avenue for one mile.  The only parking available is at the Episcopal Chapel.  Parking is limited and prohibited on Sunday mornings.  From there walk down a short distance on Ocean Street to the end to find the entrance to the trail.

Description of Trail

This strip of land adjacent to the ocean was donated by Captain Henry and Joanna Sinnett to the town in 1910 for public use.  There is a unique rock formation known as Giant's Stairs.  The trail is about 1/3 of a mile long and provides spectacular views of the ocean along the eastern edge of Bailey Island.

It is possible to conduct a walking loop.  Park at the church, walk down towards the ocean on Ocean Street, enter the trail, head south on the trail, then enter a path that crosses the McIntosh Lot Preserve which will take you to Washington Avenue.  You can return to the church via Washington Avenue or retrace your steps along the Giant's Stairs Trail.

Bailey Island Giant's Stairs

Monument to Captain Sinnett

Heading North on Trail

McIntosh Lot Preserve Entrance to Giant's Stairs Trail
(south end of trail)


Entrance to Giant's Stairs Trail
(north end of trail)


Heading South on Trail







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