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Two-Week Trip to
Maine's Bold Coast

Home > Seacoast > Vacations > Bold Coast Cutler, Maine

Two-Week-Long Vacation on the Maine Bold Coast

August 2013

On this page you will find a log of our Bold Coast - Cutler, Maine vacation for almost two weeks. We planned this vacation in early January and booked our lodging at this time. Here is our day-by-day description of our vacation, things that we did, the company that visited, where we hiked, and places we visited. If you are planning a trip to Cutler, Maine or the Maine Bold Coast the information that follows may be helpful.

Directions. Getting to the Bold Coast will take some time. If you are driving you can go one of three routes. The first will take you through Bangor, then east along Route 2, then along the coast until you reach Route 191. The second will take you through the Augusta area, east along Route 3, and then on to Route 191. The third, and longest in time, is along the Maine Coastal Route 1 until you hit Route 191.

Cutler, Maine. Cutler is a very small fishing village located on the ocean. There is no general store or restaurants. Very picturesque so bring your camera.

Lodging. We stayed at a cottage located at "Sea Ledges" along the coast on Little Machias Penisular in Cutler, Maine. A beautiful place with an ocean view and many hiking trails. This cottage (there is only one cottage) is on a 170-acre plot of land that offers lots of privacy and great ocean views. The cottage is well-maintained and very clean. In addition, should you need anything you can call on the on-site caretaker (Mike - a very helpful and pleasant fellow). Upon arrival we found welcome notes, a large jar of delicious cookies, and platter of blueberry muffins provided by Julie - "The Keeper of the Cottage".

Saturday, August 3.  We departed our home on Saturday morning with plans to stop along the way during the drive. Our longest stop was in the coastal village of Milbridge where we visited the town's boat landing, McClellan Park, and ate lunch at the Fisherman's Wife's Cafe. We arrived at the cottage in Cutler on Saturday afternoon just after 4:00 pm.

Fisherman's Wife Cafe Milbridge Maine
Fisherman's Wife's Cafe - Milbridge, Maine

Check in was 4:00 pm so the timing was right. We relaxed, had some dinner, went to the shoreline, and did a short hike.

Sunday, August 4. Our first full day was spent relaxing and hiking on the 170-acres of Sea Ledges. Our first hike took us along a marked trail called the Shore Line Walk that provided us with some good exercise and some great coastal views. We surprised a porcupine along the walk - fortunately he scurried off with all his quills still fastened. There are picnic tables and benchs scattered throughout the property.

Coastline View at Sea Ledges
Coastal View at along Shore Line Walk at Sea Ledges

Monday, August 5. We explored a lot of the 170-acre land area and walked along many of the hiking trails. Trails included a walk along the Summitt Hill Trail in the morning. In the afternoon we walked Mariner's Way and Sea Ridge Pass.

Mariners Way Trail Sea Ledges Cutler Maine
Mariners Way Trail Sea Ledges Cutler Maine

Tuesday, August 6. The highlight of the day was hiking the trail on Western Head Preserve located in Cutler, Maine at the end of Destiny Bay Road.

Wednesday, August 7. We woke up early having our breakfast and coffee. A rabbit spent about 30 minutes on the back lawn providing some early morning entertainment for us.

Rabbit on Sea Ledges Lawn Cutler Maine
Rabbit on Sea Ledges Lawn

 In the morning after breakfast I took some hikes along some of the smaller trails to include Knob Hill, Stone Face Narrows, Hole in the Wall, Seaview Lookout, and Short Cut Pass.

Seaview Lookout Sea Ledges Cutler Maine
Seaview Lookout Sea Ledges Cutler Maine

The big event was a late morning hike on Eastern Nubble trail. This trail leads from Route 191 (parking is across the street from the Post Office and Volunteer Fire Department) along the northern shore of Little River to the point of land reaching into the Atlanta. The last part of the trail one hears the constant (every ten seconds?) sound of the fog horn on Little River Lighthouse. Lunch was a trip to the AZ market at the former housing area of the Cutler Naval Station located about eight miles south of Cutler on Route 191 for some pizza (and much needed cream for our morning coffee). The afternoon was spent at the cottage picnic table enjoying the ocean view, napping and preparing for our evening meal.

Thursday, August 8. This was another quiet day. My wife went off to Lubec for some grocery shopping at IGA. She took Route 191 up to Lubec then on the way back from shopping took a longer route home Boot Cove Road. I did two hikes along the shore at Sea Ledges. Some clouds moved in and we had rain off and on. Lots of reading, napping, and relaxing.

Friday, August 9. Another really rainy day. I did a long hike in the morning on Wilderness Ridge and Deer Hill Trails. Our daughter and her boyfriend arrived at mid-day. Built a fire to kill the chill. Did a little touring on the estate in the early evening - went to the Shore Line Walk West trail which brought us to a rocky coast with great views. I mean't to watch the Patriots play their first exhibition game of the season but we lost track of time watching the fire, drinking wine, and telling stories.

Shore Line Walk West at Sealedges

Saturday, August 10. We woke to a beautiful day. The sky was clear for most of the morning. A lot of fog that cleared by noon time. My daughter, her boyfriend and I did a morning walk along the Shore Line Walk trail viewing the ocean as we went along. Then we packed a picnic lunch and went to the Driftwood Pavilion - a picnic area on the property right on the ocean.

Pavilion on Cobble Beach at Sea Ledges
The Driftwood Pavilion on Cobble Beach at Sea Ledges

 The young man went fishing - no nibbles, but managed to loose a lure. We (the two older folks) retired to the cottage for a late afternoon nap. The kids walked along the shore spotting five seals and an eagle.

Touch Decisions - Wine or Beer on the Maine Coast
Vacations sometimes involves tough decisions - wine or beer.
The view is from the deck of the Sea Ledges Driftwood Pavilion.

Sunday. We woke to another beautiful day. The ocean front was quiet as the storms have passed and we were at slack water. I went on another early morning walk - today I did the Logger's Run which led into Moose Run. Our son and his wife joined us to spend the night. We gave them the tour of the wonderful property and they did a walk along Cliffside Walk and then on the Shore Line trail.

Cliffside Walk on Sea Ledges in Cutler, Maine
Cliffside Walk on Sea Ledges in Cutler, Maine. Cliffs along the left of the path with a babbling brook along the right of the path. Ahead is the ocean shore.

Some of the group did some yoga on the front lawn. Then games later on, dinner, and warmed up in front of the fireplace in the living room.

Yoga on Sea Ledges Front Lawn Cutler Maine
Yoga on Sea Ledges Front Lawn Cutler Maine


Friends of Little River Lighthouse

Little River Lighthouse
Cutler, Maine





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